Creative Works

Casey and I live in Wilmington North Carolina with our two young boys Myles (3) and Lennon (1). We have furry babies too… Mazzy our sweet old black lab and a crazy studio cat named Arlo.

I earned my BFA in Sculpture and Casey earned his BS in Natural Resources from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where we met 23 years ago! We moved to NC in 1999 and in 2000 we started our pottery business. 16 years later, a lot has changed but we still love what we do! We collaborate on most of our work but we definitely have individual “jobs” in the studio. I design, throw, slab build and glaze pieces while Casey extrudes, slab builds and keeps the studio running.

All of our work is designed and made in our backyard clay studio and wood shop. Our pottery and jewelry is made with porcelain and most of our glazes are made in our studio with our own recipes. We use electric kilns and fire our work to ~2300F. Currently our work focuses on slab built pieces designed with stamps made from our sketches, inspired by nature, fabrics, wallpapers and patterns. As non traditional potters we use clay and other materials to create pieces that function, decorate and simply make people happy.

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  • Hometown Wilmington, North Carolina

La Pella Pottery

Alex and Lisa are potters and partners, in life and in the studio. We collaborate on nearly everything that comes through the studio, passing work back and forth throughout the process.

This collaboration, which grew naturally through our marriage, allows the pots to take on lives of their own, as we give up ownership of them. One of us conceives of a pot, the other might birth it, and as the process unfolds with the pot passing between us, the pot becomes more than the original idea.

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  • Hometown Tennessee

Alyssa Clark Pottery

My sculptures celebrate the attraction, fascination, and affection we have for the animals in our lives. I particularly love horses, birds and wolves for their beauty, spirit and symbolism. A painter turned sculptor, my animals are each glazed lovingly with rich color that compliments the various textures stamped or formed on the surface.

“I have been a professional artist for over 30 years! My message is really very simple. It is all about the connections we all share as humans. The placement of tiny birds and nest on a horses’ back is a metaphor for shelter, compassion, home and family. Ravens resting on top of a wolf speak of reaching across barriers and forming alliances with those different than ourselves.

The animals I sculpt are chosen for their beauty, symbolism, and power to inspire. Color and texture along with strong or dramatic composition make my style distinct.” Michelle MacKenzie

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  • Hometown Oregon

Anthony Stoneware

Anthony Stoneware has operated professionally and successfully for over 50 years. We were both educated in clay production at the University of Florida during the early mid 1960s. We are designers by training and have the aptitude of likeing to work and create. We feel honored that our products enter our customers’ lives with the intent that their lives are enriched, not only because of excellant craftsmanship and good design,but also the ‘heart and soul’ of handmade.

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  • Hometown Burnsville, North Carolina

Hickory Tree

I am dedicated to providing quality functional stoneware intended for daily use & enjoyment. This goal has been reached for over 30 years so far.

All my wares are produced individually, by hand,involving unique combinations of traditional ceramic techniques.

Barbara Robertson Pottery

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  • Hometown Virginia

Early Bird

Janet Ontko

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  • Hometown Fresno, California