Daphne Lorna

Daphne Lorna is the collaboration of two sisters, Daphne Lorna Evans and Cindy Evans McCoy. We love to design and make pieces that are simple yet unique, stylish yet perfect for any adventure.

Cindy and Daphne grew up in Montreal, Canada and were making jewelry ever since they can remember. Their mother was an avid bead collector and with their two other sisters, design and fashion were always a central part of their girl-centric household. Each bringing her own inspiration and sensibility to the line, Daphne’s love of the outdoors and casual style offers a special blend of mountain-girl femininity, while Cindy’s style leans towards punchy bright tones inspired by the lush, deep South and the beaches of the East Coast. The design of the details is of paramount focus for both Cindy and Daphne, ensuring that each piece is a careful balance of its mixed elements.

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  • Hometown Montana

Tiny Lumber

Handmade, eco friendly jewelry designed to add a bit of whimsy to the ins and outs of Monday through Friday, to remind you that every day is special, and that joy can be found in the tiniest of places.

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  • Hometown Topanga, California

Lost Sparrow Jewelry

I love the creative process of making jewelry—seeing a design in my mind, sketching and planning the piece, and finally forming the metal into something beautiful. But more than all of that, I live for the moment a women tries on a piece of my jewelry and her eyes light up. The design has made a connection to something within her.

While designing, I find myself returning to uplifting themes that become almost like talismans, reminding me of the positive things in my life. Beautiful lotus flowers are a link to that part of me that is centered and thankful, while birds encourage me to let my ideas take flight.

So Namaste. I bow to the divine spark in you. I hope you find a piece in my shop that speaks to you and your unique spark.

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  • Hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin

K Johnston Jewelry

I left my job as a bench jeweler at a small but high end designer jewelry studio in New York, with the dream of starting my own studio in my hometown of Salt Lake City.

In 2014, K Johnston Jewelry was born in a tiny basement studio. My goal is to make high quality and unique jewelry handmade from silver and stones, with an emphasis on design and craftsmanship.

My current line of jewelry, entitled Little Wild Jewelry, focuses on representing the flora and fauna of the American west that has captivated my imagination throughout my life, with whimsical design and a little bit of magic.

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  • Hometown Salt Lake City, Utah

Jill Makes

After I earned my degree, I spent 8 years working under the job title of graphic designer, but the job was much more exciting than that. I worked for a retail/wholesale jewelry company. I designed rainboots, flipflops, displays, jewelry and other cool projects. During this time I discovered my love for creating jewelry and dreamed of opening my own shop & creating my own line.

As much as I enjoyed my job, I wanted to branch out on my own. I always thought that I would regret it if I didnt try.

I started focusing on jewelry that I would love to wear. I love the idea of personalized jewelry. Most people enjoy having something that is uniquely theirs. I also have a love for bright and bold colors and that shows in most of my pieces.

Often I begin with a pencil sketch of an idea that has been running through my head. That is how my Helvetica necklaces came about. I illustrate a lot of my jewelry pieces by hand, work on them in Adobe Illustrator I then hand paint them myself. I also hand mold all of my clay components. Most of my jewelry pieces have a handpainted element.

I’m also a wife and mom to two sweet boys – Bennett & Qunicy. I Iove making things by hand, and I can’t pass up a good vintage sports jacket.

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  • Hometown Louisiana

December Moon

We all have a connection to place and that connection is rich with story and emotion. 
Home. Grandma and Grandpa’s house. School. That awesome vacation spot. 
Creating a product that celebrates that connection is what I do.

I can get lost in reading an old map the way some people get lost in reading a good book.
The history in/on an old map is fascinating to me, and I’m thrilled to be able to share some of that with you.

Creating bracelets and buckles that celebrate a connection to place.
It’s what I do.
and I love it! 

So, where’s YOUR place?

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  • Hometown New York